Barong Tagalog United Kingdom For Sale


Are you one of those who are planning to attend a special Filipino event in the UK? Maybe you’re attending a Filipino wedding and seeking a traditional Barong Tagalog or Filipiniana gown to match your theme’s event.

In this case, you will need Barong World. We are the leading store in the UK offering superior quality yet reasonable Barong Tagalog for men and elegant Filipiniana gowns for women!

Dazzle like the stars when you step out to your event wearing your pick from our massive catalog of traditional Filipino clothing. Barong World is confident you will find the ideal dress and Barong for you with occasion wear ideal for any event.

No matter your shape or style, there will be a silhouette to fit you as you pick from our collection. Our sizes range from 00 to 28 too! So, do not limit yourself to that small black dress and suits when our Filipiniana gowns and Barong Tagalog come in every hue.

Keep in mind that formal wear doesn’t mean long. We even have some short Filipiniana gowns in our selection!

Where to Buy in London? When to Wear Our Filipiniana Gowns and Barong?

Our Filipiniana gowns and Barong Tagalog can be suitable for any type of event, from opera premiere, formals, galas, and even weddings. Our collection of Barongs is always the go-to option when the invitation specifies traditional and formal. Always make sure you check your event invitation and follow up along with the host on particular attire details.

Excellent Collection of Barong Pieces

Barong World carries no fast-fashion dresses but only superior quality, well-made Barong Tagalog and Filipiniana gowns that are made to last.

We provide traditional dresses from a series of high-end artisans. We also bring a variety of dramatic, body-skimming Filipiniana that rejoice feminine curves in bold colors. Apart from that, Barong World also provides a collection of floor-length Filipiniana gowns, including a few throwbacks to traditional outlines and other gowns that are bang up to date with the newest red carpet trends.

Our collection of Barong and Filipiniana gowns also include different beautiful textured detail and full-skirted regal elegance. Most of our gowns combine sultry screen sire glamor along with daring skirts.

With many different designs and colors for you to choose from, each of our items brings its unique creative vision, allowing you to show off your unique and personal style, no matter if you like to be classic or trendy, demure or flirty.

No matter if you a well-seasoned debutante or somewhere in the middle, there will surely be a Filipiniana dress and Barong Tagalog that fit just right. Flowing or structured, full-sleeved or with classic Alampay, full-skirt or not, the choices feel endless!

Groom's Barong Tagalog Set

Modern Barong Coat for the groom and classic jusi barong tagalog for the groomsmen. Perfect match for your wedding

Why Shop at Barong World?

We take pride in our broad spectrum of top-notch quality Filipiniana gowns and Barong. However, our online and physical store catalog is not that overwhelming. You can easily narrow down your search according to design, price range, and types. Even though you will certainly be spoiled for an option, it becomes simpler to zero in on that ideal dress.

Do you need some additional assistance or advice in deciding what Barong Tagalog or Filipiniana to wear? Don’t worry. Our team of experienced and skilled stylists is always on hand to help you. They can also help you through email, phone, or online chat.

Are you in our UK store area? Feel free to book an appointment today to get that private shopping experience.

When you have picked your preferred dress, do not forget to finish your look with one of our Alampay to wear as you arrive at your event. This evening wraps for your Filipiniana dress will complement no matter what gown you pick, and options are accessible whatever the season of the year.

You see, the ideal gown needs the perfect accessories too! Even though Barong World does not carry a line of evening bags or jewelry that will add the final elegant touch to your look, our team of specialists can still advise on the best accessories you can use.

Bringing Traditional Filipino Dresses to the United Kingdom

Barong World’s team of experienced Barong artisans is in sync with today’s modern fashions. Our team is continuously working to make a truly innovative shopping experience for our clientele. We take pride in offering our customers a massive collection of high-end Barong Tagalogs and Filipiniana gowns.

Neck deep in the traditional fabrics, our creatives love to share a sneak peek inside our showrooms in the UK, with a special photoshoot and appealing fashion insights. If you’re shopping online, our programmers are working hard to help you find the ideal item with a few clicks through our innovative search options.

Barong World may share a passion for Filipino fashion. Still, our family has three things in common: a deal of admiration for the Philippines’ vibrant traditional fashion scene, a desire to make Barongs truly accessible, and unrelenting love for exquisite Filipiniana gowns.

Shop in England and check out our store today!