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Wedding Barong Tagalog

Get married using our very own Philippine Design and Style.

We have the very best collection of wedding barong tagalog that are timeless and classic. Our family packages will save you up to 30% when you buy them online.

Barong for Wedding

Wedding ceremonies are sacred as they hold the intertwining of souls of two individuals who have committed themselves to one another. Around the world, there are various types and ways of holding a wedding ceremony, yet a Filipino style remains one of the best.

A Filipino wedding follows the Western-Christian rules held in a church, attended by the families and friends, abundant foods, and the traditional entourage, which follows a specific dress code- gowns for the females and barong Tagalog for the males. However, Filipinos today are living around the world and holding a wedding ceremony with Barong Tagalog outside the Philippines can be a problem.  Good thing, we are here to help you out! If you have an upcoming wedding ceremony and you are looking for Barong for Wedding, we got you covered!

Get yourself an intricate wedding Barong Tagalog from us!

Barong Tagalog is a reflection of passion and intricacy that a tailor pours. Every detail comes from a plan. It is a world-class masterpiece hailing from the Philippines, and it deserves an international spotlight.  On our website, you can find the best deals for a Barong for a wedding. Let’s take a closer look at our products!

The Ultimate Groom and Groomsmen Barong Tagalog Package

This package of Barong for wedding is one of the best as it is affordable and sustainable at the same time. In only one order, you can already have a set of Barong Tagalog for your upcoming wedding. The sizes are indicated on the website, so you can check out if the piece fits you and your groomsmen well. The price of this package is only $289. All in all, this package is worth it!

Classic white Barong Tagalog

If you want to match your bride’s white gown, then you can choose our classic white barong Tagalog. It is so white that you can outshine anyone in the ceremony, even your bride! It has intricate patterns that you’ll fall in love with the first time you see it. The price of this piece is $79.

Golden Premium Barong Tagalog- Satin Silk

If you are looking for a unique barong Tagalog, then you can try our golden premium selection. The color is gold which can definitely match your classy and elegant wedding scheme. It fits perfectly for grand wedding ceremonies! The price of it is $149.

Quality Textile

Aside from the pieces, we are proud to say that our creations are made of quality textiles. The silk and weaving of patterns are representations of our hard work and dedication in every piece. This makes our creations suitable for any kind of wedding ceremony, may it be simple, elegant, or grand. We have everything you might need for your wedding outfits, as well as for your entourage.

Ships Nationwide and Worldwide

Our creations don’t stop within the Philippines, as we also ship to other parts of the world. So, if you’re from another country and you are eyeing our creations such as Barong for Wedding to be part of your precious occasion, then we can send them right to your doorsteps.