Boys Barong Tagalog For Kids

BarongWorld sells a huge collection of Barong tagalog for boys and kids. Our boys barong tagalog are made from high quality materials that ensure comfort for your kids and it comes with classic and cute designs.

Boys Barong Tagalog Size Chart:

We have huge size selection from infants, 1 year old and up to 13 years old. 

When do you use Barong Tagalog For Kids

These barong tagalogs for boys are usually used during weddings as ringbearer , school events and family affairs. This is a common tradition for Filipino families not only in the Philippines but also worldwide.

Boys Barong Tagalog Fabrics:

  • Jusilyn
  • Jusi
  • Organza

Where can I order my Boys Barong

At Barongworld, we sell Boys Barong Tagalog online and we can deliver within 30 days across all countries in the world door to door. We currently deliver to US (California to Florida) , Entire Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. But we can also deliver to Asia and the Middle east like Dubai, Saudi Arabia and other parts of Europe. 

If you have questions please feel free to email us at or simply give us a call with our 24/7 Worldwide customer support team.

We also have a great selection for our Mens Barong Tagalog