Modern Filipiniana

Modern Filipiniana Styling Tips for that Casual Look

Once upon a time, a.k.a. for the past few centuries—Filipinianas was considered an extreme form of fashion choice for early Filipinas. It was mostly seen by rich women, being worn at parties and special events. Today, you mostly saw them at wedding events costume parties or spotted them on the red carpet, worn by celebrities.

A Filipiniana is a lightweight layering piece you can wear at formal events. It’s especially a great piece to wear during government parties, special masses, or weddings. However, did you know that you can style a Filipiniana with a modern twist? Since it’s thin and lightweight, you can easily wear it over a tank top and shorts or with a pair of linen pants and top.

What is great about having a Filipiniana in your closet is that you can wear it dressy or casual. Add it to your shorts, tee, and sneakers outfit for that casual vibe, or you can add it to a solid dress and heels to finish your outfit.

What is a Filipiniana?

A Filipiniana is a traditional dress worn by women in the Philippines that are typically made of “pinya (pineapple) and other natural material types found in the region. It is also the counterpart of Barong Tagalog, which is traditionally worn by men.

Filipiniana Styling Tips for That Modern and Stylish Look

  • As a top

When identifying how to wear a Filipiniana casually, you are certain to appreciate the comfort of skipping a tank top altogether and wear your Filipiniana in place of a top. You can try it out with rolled boyfriend jeans, sneakers, and a bomber for a weekend look.

  • With jeans

Are you wondering how to wear a Filipiniana? Jeans are an excellent place to begin. Both of these garments are versatile, which means the options are unlimited when they’re combined. A Filipiniana paired with tight denim pants is a good look, but those garments could also be worn with traditional pants.

  • Go for something flowy or dressy

This one has the potential to come off a bit costume-y. So, if you are not eager to go too formal with some Buwan ng Wika vibe, pair pieces that are from the same color families, such as cream with light pink or beige with brown. Doing so will help them blend instead of contrast, making a more subtle look.

  • With casual pants

Probably you are not ready to give up those flared leggings, and we do not blame you. Nonetheless, are you hoping to find a happy medium between pulled-together and comfy? Just throw on a Filipiniana with your favorite stretchy bottoms and embrace the best of both worlds!

  • With a midi skirt

It is possible this throw-on-and-go bottom is a huge part of your summer wardrobe. When styled with a cropped Filipiniana top, it will become across as feminine and romantic rather than effortless and easy (although it is exactly that).

  • With coordinating pieces

Monochromatic looks are a no-fail fashion style answer. That rule applies when wearing a Filipiniana. Style your own with coordinating accessories and bottoms, which will come across as polished and sleek.

Filipinianas is a statement piece, so do not be afraid to make it the center of attention and keep the rest of your casual outfit simple.