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BarongWorld® Official Store -  We sell handmade Barong Tagalog, Filipiniana and other Philippine design clothing in our website. Browse through our big collection and place your order. We are a quality seller of Barong Tagalog, we want you to really get a good quality, 100% brand new and good experience with our products. This is why we HANDMADE with Love your products in detail to ensure that you are satisfied. We also have a 24/7 customer support

Finest Elegance of Pina & Cocoon Authentic Barong Tagalog

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Barongs Tailored to perfection by a Filipino craftsman to your next formal affair.

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Barong Tagalog

Historically known as BARO ng TAGALOG, It is nowknown as the National Dress shirt of the Filipinos.

Who we are?

BarongWorld is the seller of Barong Tagalog for men, Filipiniana gowns for women. We sell ready to wear clothing for your upcomingimportant occasion like weddings,baptisim or formal events.

What materials are used in making a BarongTagalog

·     Jusi

·     Jusilyn

·     Cocoon

·     Organza

·     Duchess Silk

Where do we sell and ship our Barong Tagalog

We sell our Barongs Worldwide in United States,United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and Asia. We can deliver your barong in timefor your special occasion.

How to Order Barong Tagalog

We have a great range of styles and designs thatare showcased on our website. Simply choose any of the barong tagalog designs,choose your size using our size chart available and place the order. Once wereceive your order we then start production with our team.