Barong Dress

Barong Dress

BarongWorld sells an amazing collection of Barong Dresses to the market. We have a great range of comfortable, elegant, hand-painted designs that are carefully handcrafted by our talented Philippine fabric weavers. Barong dresses are popular for women as an alternative clothing to Filipiniana. If you are looking for a simpler, comfortable and classy Philippine outfit for women, then a BARONG DRESS will definitely suit you!

Organza is a lightweight plain weave fabric. This fabric is made from sheer fabric, which means that it is woven in an extremely low density that results in a transparent material. Its transparency and breathability, organza fabric is commonly used to make garments for barong tagalog and barong dress.

What is a Barong Dress - is a simple Filipina cultural outfit that are made from the finest fabrics. It is usually one piece and much shorter than a Filipiniana Gown. 

How to Order your Barong Dress

You can simply choose a design from our available collection of barong dresses. Select the size and fit you want and order online.