Barong Coat

You can now order your Barong Tagalog Coats at Barongworld. We sell the premium designed Barong Tagalog Coat for your next event.  Our Barong coats are made from 3 Layer Fabric Silk fabrics that are really going to give an impression and premium feel.

Barong Tagalog Coat Size Chart:

Barong Tagalog Size Chart


When do you use Barong Tagalog Coats

Usually Barong Coats are used in Weddings, Shows and other Formal Parties as a dress up garment. It is used by Filipino Men who are looking to take their fashion statement to next level and at the same time celebrate their Philippine Culture.

Where can I order my Barong Tagalog Coats

At Barongworld, we sell Barong Tagalog Coats and we can deliver within 30 days across all countries in the world door to door. We currently deliver to US (California to Florida) , Entire Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. But we can also deliver to Asia and the Middle east like Dubai, Saudi Arabia and other parts of Europe. 

If you have questions please feel free to email us at or simply give us a call with our 24/7 Worldwide customer support team.