Ethnic Barong Inspired Designs

Cordillera Barong

Barong Tagalog comes in different designs, colors, and themes from a variety of inspirations. One of the rising Barong Tagalog designs is called Ethnic. It is making a name for its intricate design that represents the rich culture of the Cordillera – a wonderful province in the Philippines. With its uniqueness and quality, it can be a show-stopper in different events such as wedding ceremonies.

You can wear the Cordillera Inabel Barong with confidence and pride as a Filipino masterpiece, whatever your event is. Now, let’s take a look at the designs included in the collection.

Cordillera Barong Tagalog Red

This barong’s price is capped at $119. It has ethnic patterns and weaves that makes it a world-class product. The color is flaring red with a hint of yellow, blue, and white on its vertical patterns on the sleeves. It can be worn perfectly during school celebrations, weddings, office meetings, award shows, and more. Also, its textile is lightweight and breathable. You can check the sizes posted on our website.

Barong Tagalog Green

Aside from the flaring red, you can also take the green one. This Barong Tagalog is more on moss green scheme with a horizontal patterned design at the middle. The collar also has designed, as well as the sleeves. The patterns represent ethnic symbolisms which makes it deserving of an international spotlight. Like the previous one, this Barong Tagalog can be worn at different events worldwide and with the same price tag.

Cordillera Barong Tagalog Blue

For only $109, you can already wear a unique and intricate barong piece from our shop. You can wear this masterpiece for different events such as weddings, award shows, presentations, and more. Its ethnic patterns and designs are an event-stopper as it promotes embracing the culture of the Cordillera. The dark blue color makes it look more elegant and expensive, perfect for events that require you to look like a star!

Vest Bolero

Vest boleros are used as a blazer to make a cultural outfit even more elegant and classy. The patterns of our pieces are mostly horizontal, with intricate weaves ad color selection. Also, the price is affordable as it starts from $79. You will never go wrong with a vest bolero!

Cultural Filipiniana Dress

Lastly, our cultural Filipiniana dress is a must in your wardrobe. For only $129, you can already own our masterpiece that represents how adaptive the national clothing for women is in the Philippines; and that it can be shown to other parts of the world.

The Cordillera collection in our shop is only one of the best pieces of evidence that we are eager to bring traditional Philippine clothing to the international platform. With our masterpieces made from passion, knowledge, and love, we are looking forward to bringing them out to other countries. We are eager to make our products, like Cordillera Inabel barong, be known and used in different events. So, if you are interested in having these mentioned pieces, and wearing a premium quality product for your special life events, don’t hesitate to contact us.