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Why You Should Wear a Filipiniana Dress at Your Next Special Event

Since the early 20th century, women in the Philippines have worn the traditional Filipiniana dress to celebrate special occasions. Its elegant silhouette and feminine frame are the reasons why it has become synonymous with traditional Filipino fashion and culture.  

However like the Filipiniana dress, bespoke/traditional attire have become less commonly worn. In some cases many people feel it’s outdated, out of style or there are limited options to the kind of fit and fabric they can choose from. But with a new generation of designers, limited options are far from the case. And that’s certainly not the case for Filipina women trying to find the perfect Filipiniana dress. 

Why Wear a Filipiniana Dress?

Representing Your Culture

Filipiniana dresses carry a rich history. Dating back since the Spanish colonization in the Philippines, the dress has been continually revamped and restyled to fit the trends of each era. Back in the day you couldn’t celebrate in style without the Filipiniana dress. If you have a Filipino background, there’s no better way to proudly display your heritage than to rock your traditional clothes.

Different Styles 

If you’re looking to be the centre of attention at an event, wearing a Filipiniana dress will get all eyes on you. The great thing is Filipiniana dresses come in many different styles and variations.

Maybe you’re looking for a traditional aesthetic or a modern twist on your dress. Perhaps you want a two-piece Filipiniana dress to show more skin rather than the full-length option. Whatever your style may be, you’ll most likely find a dress that matches it. There is a huge selection of Filipiniana dresses carried by different retailers- you’re bound to find one that suits you. Everything from the choice of fabric to the colour, down to the designs and patterned accents, it comes down to what you want.

At Barong World, there’s a wide selection of trendy Filipiniana dresses. All that’s needed are your measurements and choice of dress- from there you’re ready to go.

Flattering Silhouette

Every woman wants to feel like their best self no matter the occasion. Wearing a dress that flatters your body shape and hugs your curves will make you feel like a million bucks. The Filipiniana dress is already designed to flatter any female body. Many retailers also tailor it according to your measurements to ensure your dress fits perfectly.

On top of that, with so many designers incorporating modern trends when designing this dress, it comes in a variety of silhouettes as well. Some dresses have larger/higher sleeves than others while there are dresses with flared or mermaid fitted bottoms as well. This means that you can easily find a dress that not only suits your style but your body type as well.

Bottom line is this- you don’t have to compromise your personal style when it comes to traditional attire. If you have a Filipino background, Filipiniana dresses will allow you to celebrate any occasion in style while paying tribute to your roots.