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Are you looking for a traditional dress you can wear for your Filipino event in Canada? At Barong World, we genuinely believe that every Filipino and Filipino-at-heart in Canada should have access to superior quality Barong Tagalog and Filipiniana dresses no matter what their budget may be.

We take pride in stocking a wide array of Barong and gowns. Here, you can find your perfect dress for your important events from graduation, wedding, or any formal event and everything in between.

Cannot find your size? There’s no need to worry. Our team can also custom made it by your size and be delivered in 30 to 40 days.

Barong World is a popular name in Canada that provides unrivaled Barong and Filipiniana gowns for different type of events. We also offer top-tier services which incorporate the use of traditional cosmetics by highly skilled artisans who present unparalleled results. By partnering with different high-talent professional barong makers, you can find nearly all styles and colors you want with us.

We aim to offer our customers superior quality products at the best prices possible. With the distinct style, tailor-made design, and bespoke service, each of our Barong Tagalog and Filipiniana gowns will make you the center of attention. strongly believes that every man and woman deserve to be comfortable, confident, and stunning. We are always happy to pass our passion for traditional Filipino dresses and professional experience on to you.

Why Wear Our Filipiniana Gowns?

Like other aspects of Filipino culture, Filipiniana gowns have religious and aesthetic significance. It signifies both simplicity and elegance and can be made by village workshops without the need for big factories. Most clothes, like the Alampay and Filipiniana gowns, are simply pieces of cloth and don’t need comprehensive tailoring.

For most women, you will find an emphasis on modesty instead of sexual allurement and simple elegance instead of fashion. Our Filipiniana gowns come in different styles and are made from different quality materials.

Why Wear Our Barong Tagalog?

You know the saying; clothes make a man. That old maxim still holds true to the modern world. By carefully choosing the colors, fabric, cut, and trim you wear, you make a visual message, telling the world who you are.

When we talk about formal wear, many men in Canada opt to suit jackets to say that they mean business. Indeed, that’s a very predictable but a safe option. However, we know you are not the most men out there. Nothing immediately tells a room that you’re a cut above the rest by literally wearing it, in the form of a superior and well-made Barong Tagalog that is.

The good thing about the Barong Tagalog is that they are more colorful and lighter than traditional suits. The best part about it is that it’s eye-catching, unique, and fashionable at the same time. Wearing a unique style of fashion when everybody is wearing a variation of the standard suit isn’t a typical decision to make.

Groom's Barong Tagalog Set

Modern Barong Coat for the groom and classic jusi barong tagalog for the groomsmen. Perfect match for your wedding gown!

Style is a Way to Say Who You Are Without Telling Anything at All

Barong World opened its doors in the vibrant city of Canada in 2021 to offer our Filipino and Filipino-at-heart clientele the most exclusive and unique Barong and Filipiniana gowns created by a team of experienced and skilled Filipino designers and artisans.

At Barong World, we strive to offer our patrons the best shopping experience through adhering to the following characteristics:

  • Excellent Customer Service

We believe our customers are the most integral part of our business. We ensure they are satisfied by delivering them only the best shopping experience.

  • Inclusion

We believe every man and woman is beautiful and deserves a stunning formal dress. So we carry sizes from 0 to 28.

  • Exclusivity

Barong World also carries a limited amount of each style. Hence, it will be truly difficult for somebody to walk into an event wearing their dress.

  • Originality

Our team of Filipino designers and artisans create Barong Tagalog and Filipiniana gowns that aren’t limited by trends.

Big thanks to the overwhelming feedback Barong World has in less than a year, and we decided to go online to provide people globally the designs, customer service, and value that characterizes our shop. Barong World in Canada carries an exclusive collection of Classic Off White Barongs, Black Barongs, Barong for Kids and Boys, Filipina Gowns, Alampay, and Bolero as well.

Our dedicated team works hand in hand with our partners to make sure our clientele will find the ideal Barong and gowns that reflect their individual personalities.

We also understand that shopping for that special event can be a bit intimidating at times. However, there’s no need for you to worry, as Barong Tagalog offers you a chance to browse all our collections from the comfort of your own home!

Are you currently searching for a specific color, size, silhouette, or price range? Feel free to utilize the filter feature to make your entire online shopping experience even simpler.

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Would you like to see our collection of Barong Tagalog and Filipiniana dresses in our Canada location before anyone else? Maybe you are one of those who feel more comfortable trying on the dress itself before buying.

Don’t worry. Feel free to visit our boutique in Canada or schedule an appointment to get a personal session with our Barong and Filipiniana experts. We look forward to meeting you soon and show you our one-of-a-kind collection of Filipino dresses and Barongs.

You see, there’s a reason a lot of our customers love and cherish us. We always feel honored and valued to be part of their important occasions and events. Following our boutique values, Barong World flourishes to offer only the best value, quality, and customer service while sharing and dressing the special events of our clients.