How to Clean A Barong Tagalog?

How to clean barong tagalog

The Barong Tagalog is the traditional formal men’s attire in the Philippines. The attire’s subtle looking characteristics oppose the reality that it holds up well in strenuous situations—that most barong users are familiar with.

However, wearers who are not aware of the proper ways of cleaning the Barong could result damaging it. Did you know that many dry cleaners in the Philippines are skillful at cleaning this attire? Ironically, it does not involve the normal dry-cleaning procedure.

So, if you’re outside the country and don’t know how to clean it, what should you do? Don’t worry because this article will help you in that matter.

Do You Need to Wash the Barong?

This is the common question often asked by many new Barong Tagalog wearers. Well, the answer to that is yes. The general rule is a barong need to be washed if it has been exposed to sweat. But that often depends.

Keep in mind that the Philippines has a tropical climate—which is worsened by the current impacts of climate change. That causes the average Barong user to sweat a lot.

Meanwhile, wearing the Barong Tagalog to a location without the hot weather means the sweat is hardly an issue or occurrence at all. Hence, it’s highly possible that you don’t need to wash it. However, keep in mind that exposure to odors and vapors could impact the Barong too.

For instance, smoked from cigarettes, cooked food, and other sources could be absorbed by the fabric. So, before you plan to store your Barong in the drawer, take the time to smell check it first.

What about other types of stains and dirt? Apart from sweat, your skin secrets oil. Areas not protected by your kamisa—the shirt you wear under your Barong—must be checked, including the collar area around the neck and the arms).

If you see only small portions of the Barong require cleaning, then the only thing you need to do is to have a spot cleaning.

How to Clean Your Barong?

In case you just need some spot cleaning, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Soak up the affected region using water and a mild detergent.
  2. Let is sit there for a while
  3. After ½ hour of soaking, clean the area by rubbing it gently. Often, the stains will come off easily.
  4. If they don’t, soak it longer and clean it again.

What about if you need the Barong Tagalog to be completely washed? In that case, the process is very much similar, but you need to leave it soaking overnight.

Rub the Barong gently the other day and let the water runoff. If you like rinsing it off under a running water, ensure you set the pressure to very low. It will help if you soak it in a warm water too, but that’s not necessary.

Make sure you let the water runoff and hang your Barong Tagalog to dry. Prevent writing it as that could cause various wrinkling. Worse, it may ruin the fabric itself. Always be careful when washing it.

How to Iron the Barong?

Ensure the Barong is laid flat on the ironing board and pressed with medium heat. If you like to get rid of the fold creases, gently dampen the area with a clean, damp tole, or gently sprinkle the affected area with water, and then press.

Make sure you don’t pull the fabric to straighten it. Starch may be utilized if necessary. After you iron, it, hang it on a non-metal hanger to keep its normal form.