Barong Tagalog New Zealand

Barong Tagalog New Zealand ( Wellington, Christchurch, NZ Wide)

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A traditional Filipino wedding ceremony is a wonderful way to honor your Filipino ancestors. Because Filipinos prefer to go all out when it comes to weddings, your big day will be worthy to remember. Filipino weddings are for the entire family and community, not just the bride and groom. Whether you’re planning a traditional Filipino wedding or merely attending one, there are a few customs and traditions you should be aware of.

While many grooms go for the suit and tie outfit at modern Filipino weddings, there are still a few grooms who select for the barong Tagalog. The Barong Tagalog is utilized in a variety of formal events, and it’s also the best choice for both grand and simple weddings. They’re easy to put on and comfortable to wear, and they’re also versatile. They come in a variety of colors and styles, so be sure to find one that matches your wedding color and theme.

The bride typically wears white dresses similar to those seen in Western weddings, but if you want a really traditional wedding, a white Filipiniana gown is a must. The same with a Barong Tagalog, Filipiniana gowns are also versatile yet one of the most precious pieces you can wear in your lifetime. 

If you’re a resident of New Zealand from Wellington, Christchurch, NZ Wide and you’re looking for a Barong Tagalog to wear for a formal event or wedding, then you can check our website. We provide varieties of choices for Barong Tagalog New Zealand as we look forward to bringing the Filipino traditions to another country. We have Barong Tagalog collections with different inspirations behind colors, patterns, and designs.

Fast and efficient delivery anywhere in New Zealand.

New Zealand is a great place, and anywhere you are, we’ll see to it that our masterpieces are delivered right at your doorsteps. You only need to place an order on our website, and we’ll quickly act for your parcel to be delivered.

As an added value, we ensure that the parcel is well-packed to prevent the product from getting damaged or ripped during delivery. We also clean wrap it to prevent destructive factors such as moisture, excessive heat exposure, and careless handling.

Moreover, let’s make every detail of your special occasions count with our classy and worth it barong pieces. We ensure that each piece is made with quality, passion, and hard work. We see to it that a reflection of someone’s commitment to the industry is seen in the appearance and quality of the product.

Regarding the prices, our barong Tagalog collections are priced depending on several factors. First, it depends on the textile quality and design. The silk used is high-quality, and the bead or weave-works can be time-consuming to equate to specific prices. Another thing, we also consider the labor-time of our tailors in the team. Barong Tagalog require passion and effort. That’s why our prices have reasons behind. Rest assured that the prices are worth it as we produce only quality products.

You can reach us on our website and other contact details if you plan to purchase Barong Tagalog New Zealand and our other items!