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Pinilian Handmade Filipiniana Dress
Ilocos Pinilian Handmade Modern Filipiniana Dress - HW143
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Ilocos Pinilian Handmade Modern Filipiniana Dress - HW143

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Premium Pinilian Ilocos Fabric Filipiniana Dress - Midi

Pinilian is a traditional handwoven textile from the Ilocos region in the Philippines. It is highly regarded for its intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and fine craftsmanship. Pinilian fabrics are often used to create traditional Filipino garments, including barongs, blouses, and skirts. The fabric is made pangablan (as called in Ilocano). Pinilian means "hiwalay" or “divided” to the grid or checkerboard design of the weave.

A Filipiniana Mini Dress is a contemporary and shorter version of the traditional Filipiniana gown. This modern adaptation typically features a hemline that falls above the knee, giving it a more casual and youthful appeal compared to the longer, more formal versions. Here are some common features you might find in a Filipiniana Mini Dress:

Each yard of this fabric takes 2 days to be handwoven by our 2 expert textile artisans.

This dress will truly make you feel special for that special event. 

Please provide your measurements when you order for that perfect fit. We would require your bust-waist-hips-height in inches when you place your order online. Please note that this dress is high quality material and your order will arrive 6 weeks after placing the order, we can guarantee that its worth the wait and truly a unique piece. We can rush it for 4 weeks or earlier depending on the weave availability but our customer care team 24/7 will be able to assist you anytime. 

Premium Quality Guarantee:

BarongWorld is a quality seller of Barong Tagalog and we strive to provide our customers with quality products that are 100% brand new and provide them with a good experience. This is why we meticulously HANDMADE your products with Love to ensure your satisfaction. We also have a 24/7 customer supportAt BarongWorld our mission is to give you the Barong Tagalog that will last a lifetime.


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Michelle A.A.
High quality material

I am satisfied with the quality of this dress, and it arrived before my graduation (15 days with fast shipping). However, when I put on the dress, I looked like a Minecraft character. The waistline did not fit my waist as I expected it to, probably because of the measurements I provided. Therefore, I gave it 4 stars. I love the dress, and so did everyone I met. I received a lot of compliments. Thank you so much for this beautiful dress!