Pina Cocoon Barong Tagalog
Premium & Elegant Barong Tagalog Piña Cocoon - Ferdinand JN77
Premium & Elegant Barong Tagalog Piña Cocoon - Ferdinand JN77
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Premium & Elegant Barong Tagalog Piña Cocoon - Ferdinand JN77

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Premium Piña Cocoon Barong Tagalog 100% Cocoon Fabric & Handmade

Introducing our elegant Premium Cocoon Barong Tagalog, a true embodiment of sophistication and luxury. Meticulously crafted with premium materials and exquisite detailing, this barong tagalog sets a new standard in Filipino fashion.

Key Features:

  1. Superior Quality Cocoon Fabric: Our Premium Cocoon Barong Tagalog is made from the finest cocoon fabric, known for its luxurious texture and softness. The fabric drapes elegantly, creating a refined and polished look that is sure to turn heads.

  2. Handcrafted Excellence: Each Premium Cocoon Barong Tagalog is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, who bring years of expertise and passion to their craft. Every stitch is executed with precision, ensuring impeccable quality and attention to detail.

  3. Modern and Minimalist Design: Our Premium Cocoon Barong Tagalog features a contemporary and minimalist design that blends tradition with a touch of modernity. The clean lines and understated elegance make it suitable for a variety of occasions, from formal events to cultural celebrations.

  4. Intricate Embroidery Accents: Enhancing the sophistication of the barong tagalog, delicate embroidery accents are tastefully incorporated into the design. These intricate details add a subtle yet impactful touch, elevating the overall aesthetic and showcasing the rich Filipino heritage.

  5. Comfortable and Versatile: Despite its luxurious appearance, the Premium Cocoon Barong Tagalog is designed with comfort in mind. The cocoon fabric offers a gentle and breathable feel, allowing for ease of movement and ensuring you feel at ease throughout the day or night.

  6. Tailored to Perfection: We understand the importance of a well-fitted garment, which is why our Premium Cocoon Barong Tagalog is available in a range of sizes to suit different body types. Each piece is tailored to perfection, ensuring a flattering fit that enhances your personal style.

  7. Limited Edition: To preserve the exclusivity of this premium garment, our Premium Cocoon Barong Tagalog is available in limited quantities. By owning one, you become part of an exclusive group of individuals who appreciate the finest in Filipino fashion.

Indulge in the opulence of our Premium Cocoon Barong Tagalog and make a statement of refined elegance. Whether you're attending a prestigious gala, a wedding, or a cultural event, this extraordinary piece will make you stand out with its superior craftsmanship and timeless appeal. Experience the epitome of luxury with our Premium Cocoon Barong Tagalog today and embrace the essence of Filipino tradition in style.

The finest fabric from the Philippine Cocoon of Laguna and the classic design of this barong Tagalog is truly an exceptional piece. It is made from high-quality fabric Barong Tagalog that will make you stand out and feel elegant during your special day! We also have a huge collection of Filipiniana dresses and Kids Barong on our website.


Product Summary
Material: Piña Cocoon
Color: Off-White Beige
Collar Type: Regular Collar
Embroidery: Premium U-Embroidery
Popular During: Weddings, graduations, formal affairs
Sizes Available: S,M,L,XXL,XXXL,4XL,5XL,Custom Size
Size Chart:
Delivery: Worldwide

Premium Quality Guarantee:

BarongWorld is a quality seller of Barong Tagalog & Filipiniana, we want you to really get a good quality, 100% brand new and good experience with our products. This is why we HANDMADE with Love your products in detail to ensure that you are satisfied. We also have a 24/7 customer supportAt BarongWorld our mission is to give you the Barong Tagalog that will last a lifetime.

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Elmer A.

excellent fabric