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Classic Organza Barong Tagalog - Camilo JV455
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Classic Organza Barong Tagalog - Camilo JV455

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Classic & Affordable Organza Barong Tagalog

This Barong is an affordable, yet classic look to any formal occasion.

  • Fabric: Organza
  • Collar: Chinese collar
  • Design: U-embroidery

Product Summary:
Material: Organza
Color : Beige
Collar : Regular  Collar

What is Organza Material:

Organza is a lightweight, sheer, plain-woven fabric that was originally made from silk.

The material can also be made from synthetic fibers, primarily polyester and nylon. Synthetic fabrics are slightly more durable, but the fabric is very delicate and prone to frays and tears.

Organza is also characterized by very small holes throughout the fabric, which are the spaces between the warp and weft thread in the plain-weave pattern. The quality of organza is defined as the number of holes per inch—more holes indicate better quality organza. Organza is extremely popular for wedding gowns and evening wear, as it has a shimmery and translucent quality which creates decadent silhouettes.

Premium Quality Guarantee:

At BarongWorld our mission is to give you the Barong Tagalog that will last a lifetime.

When to wear this:
Formal affairs, weddings, events and any special occasion.



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