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Premium Barong Tagalog Satin Coat - Piolo BC12
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Premium Barong Tagalog Satin Coat - Piolo BC12

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Premium 3-Layer Satin Beige Barong Tagalog Coat 

Bestselling, Classic Details, 100% Authentic Fabric, Handcrafted by Filipino Barong Weavers, Super High Quality  & Affordable Barong Tagalog

Product Summary:

This ready to wear authentic Barong Tagalog Coat for men is a bestseller for weddings and formal affairs. The elegant design and linen used will make you special on any occasion. This barong tagalog coat is a best-selling barong tagalog for men all over the world because of its extremely simple yet elegant design. Order this today! Made from 3 line fabrics, Unbelievably high quality and feel!

Material: Satin
Collar : Chinese Collar 
Color : Beige 

What is Jusi Material:
This traditional fabric hand-loomed from abaca fibers. It has a polished texture and a natural off-white color. It is lesser expensive than the piña, but is still is very formal and classic material.

When to wear this:

Weddings, Standard Occasions, Formal Occasions, Business Meetings , Work



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