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Classic Blue Barong Tagalog Jusilyn - Manuel BS56
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Classic Blue Barong Tagalog Jusilyn - Manuel BS56

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Classic Blue Barong Tagalog - Manuel is part of our Armando collection of Barong Tagalog bestsellers. This is made from  100% high quality hand-embroidered Silk Pina This layout has a lovely luster, creative design and will look perfect for any case. 

Product Summary:
Material: Jusilyn
Color : Blue
Collar : Regular

What is Jusilyn Material:
Jusilyn like cocoon, is also a woven fabric from silk but is less transparent. The fabric's natural color is off white but as a standard for our jusi classic barongs, we hand paint the fabric with piña streaks to give it a distinct color somewhat similar to that of piña fabric. 

Premium Quality Guarantee:

At BarongWorld our mission is to give you the Barong Tagalog that will last a lifetime. 

When to wear this: 
Formal affairs, weddings, events and any special occasion.



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